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Bryan/College Station’s family church for over 25 years.

For over 25 years, Janet and I have seen God do extraordinary things in this city, in so many lives, and in our own lives. It seemed only fitting to go from Covenant Family Church to Skybreak Church and better say who we are and where we are going. We’re confident your best, and our best, days are ahead.


Current Series:
The Journey

“The Journey – part 2”

October 24, 2016 / Pastor Danny Green

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Don’t settle for anything than God’s best in your relationships, your careers and your finances.

The Journey

We are all on a spiritual journey of our own. There is a longing in us to know what we were made to do in life. The Journey is a five week small group study based off of the four key promises that God made to His people to fulfill.

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Make It Your Church:

A three week journey of growth and development centered around church life. Each class you will learn about our church family, habits of a Christian, discovering your destiny, and you will come to understand how living significantly begins with being apart of a church family.

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