We’re far from perfect, but these are the promises you can always count on.

Promises we live by.

 We embrace everyone.

We’ve never been good at seeing people for their mess or their flaws. It’s probably the family in us that embraces people with an unconditional posture. This is a place where you’ll be embraced by a family that has your back and by a God who has even bigger plans for your life than you can imagine.

We live life in action.

At Skybreak Church, weekends are the launch point giving you fresh ideas to use daily in your career, relationships, and in your pursuit of all God has for you. We weren’t created to settle or focus on ourselves. This means we live life in action by applying God’s word, putting others first, and sharing hope with those around us every single day.

Everyone has significance.

You’ll always be embraced by the unconditional love of a family. We will always love you through your mess, but we won’t let you settle for anything less than God’s best. Your life centered around Christ, your unique ambitions, talents and ideas will make an impact and enable you to live beyond yourself. You’re more than ordinary. You are significant.

You don't have to say goodbye anymore