The world is calling for leaders to step up; will you?

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About The College

For more than twenty-seven years, we’ve been dedicated to “embracing everyone, living life in action, showing everyone has significance” by releasing biblically competent leaders into church leadership and other key areas of influence. We’re in pursuit of men and women who will take a stand in this generation. This world is calling for leaders to step up; will you answer the call to leadership?

Our Strategy

Studies prove our strategy of combining knowledge with practical application enhances learning by ten times a traditional learning experience. Students graduate Skybreak Leadership College with more than a head full of information, but with practical tools to effectively lead in life and in ministry.


Our passion to provide the highest levels of academic excellence through faculty that aren’t just teaching theories but are actively living out what they’re teaching. Our Academic Strategy is built from three key areas: Biblical & Theological Studies, Personal Capacity Development, and Applied Leadership Training.


Biblical & Theological Studies

Our program has a great range of Biblical survey and concentrated Biblical courses to give students the spiritual foundation they need and theological competence to effectively apply and communicate God’s word. For Christian leaders in any field, God’s word is our compass and true-north. Learning to understand and apply God’s word to our personal lives and leadership style is critical.


Personal Capacity Development

A leader’s effectiveness can never exceed their core confidence and character. We have courses that tackle everything from developing a mission statement, the leader’s interior life and personal finance.


Applied Leadership Training

The world we live in has a massive leadership void. We have a wide range of courses that prepare students to lead in church ministry and/or business. We have courses ranging from vision planning and marketing, to team building, communication, small groups, discipleship, preaching and teaching.

All academic course are in association with Champions Centre College.


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